Group Benefits

Are you a business owner with employees or do you make HR decisions for your company? Offering a good group benefits plan will help you attract the best candidates as well as help with employee retention. Let us help you help your employees to create and build wealth for the future. 

Choose from a range of services such as investments including investment plans as well as health, dental, and life insurance options. Groups benefits packages may include:

Group RRSPs

Group TFSAs

Group Annuities

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

Dental and Vision Coverage

Drug Coverage

Travel Insurance

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

Let us help design the group benefits package that is right for you and your employees.

With small payroll deductions, this retirement savings plan is another option for employees to save for the future. If you add a TFSA to an existing group retirement plan, you can give your employees the chance to save for their short-term financial goals in addition to retirement. These benefits are not tax deductible, but the money will grow tax free and can be withdrawn without penalty when it’s time.

A group annuity is one contract that covers all employees in your company, and it carries a lower risk than managing individual pension funds for defined benefit plans. The annuity guarantees an income for all your employees, for life or for a set period of time. The ownership of the contract belongs to the employer, and all employees become subscribers of the policy. 

As an employer-sponsored retirement plan, this type of investment involves payroll contributions that are made on a pre-tax basis so employees get to take home a little extra money with every paycheque as an immediate tax refund. While employer contributions are not mandatory, most often, they do so to help give employees an incentive to begin contributing to their retirement. Employees can also use these funds as a first-time home buyer.

Benefits are one of the biggest attractions for employees to work for a company. Provincial benefits cover some health care costs, but not everything, and that’s where private benefits come in. Group insurance gives your employees prescription, dental, vision and other healthcare benefits like chiropractic and massage therapy. You can design your group benefits to suit the needs of your company, and give your employees benefits they will actually use.